Monday, September 1, 2008

When god made awesome husbands, he broke the mold for Troy

First, Troy just all around rocks. Like really rocks. He's been wonderful about helping me out if I'm feeling icky, etc. Since in our 4 years of marriage I rarely ask for help even if I feel like a bucket of poo, this is a new experience for both of us. When I had 2nd degree burns on my hands and arms I refused all help.

One of my bestest friends and former roommate Megan, nicknamed Troy "Super boyfriend", "Super fiance" and "Super husband" during the various stages of Troy and my relationship. She hit the nail on the freaking head.

Today he was bored and took a walk up to the mall. During his mall time, he received the following text conversation:

Whiny PG lady: "Hey babe, will you bring me a smoothie from Coral Tree Cafe at the food court? The one with peaches".
Whiny PG lady: "Oh, and some of their vegetable soup please".
Super husband: "Of course sweetie".
Super husband: "They don't have the smoothies".
(insert me crying on the couch)
Super husband: "How about Pinkberry"?
Whiny PG lady: "Ohhhhhh, yay! The Pinkberry smoothie".

I forgot to tell Troy there is an actual smoothie CALLED the Pinkberry smoothie, so bless his heart why he tried to figure that one out.

If you look closely, you can see his halo.

UPDATE (6:36 pm): why he's even more awesome. After lugging home the veggie soup, he didn't even question the fact that I only wanted the broth...

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