Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two more things ruined for me now

To set the scene: (Target, West Hollywood, 9:15 am. Our subject is wandering around the aisle with her favorite Jamba Juice in hand)

So there I am in the Target toiletries section, and I could feel the Goonie getting ANGRY. I ran to the bathroom and proceeded to puke for a good 5 min. To be clear, a Jamba Juice is $4.70. WTF Goonie, momma is cheap!

I was feeling very pathetic and sorry for myself so I sent Troy a pitiful text: "babe, I just puked up my Jamba Juice at Target. That was a special kind of nasty". His response: "Sorry boo, you really did puke a rainbow". Puking a rainbow is one of my favorite terms EVER to describe something cute. So, Troy is right, I finally made my favorite saying true.

The rest of the day I felt icky, but to avoid Troy's wrath when he got home from work (joke), I still managed to clean the house. I have a new system: lay on the couch like a whiny mess and watch TV. At commercial I have to get up and clean something. It takes forever to do dishes or vacuum, but it keeps me from getting too sick. Well...that and the chicken corn dogs and ice cream sandwiches I had for lunch...

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