Thursday, September 25, 2008

Potential wieners, Downs testing, and the kid from Lost!

Wow, busy and exciting day today! We went to do the NT scan for Down Syndrome today. Regardless of the results it won't change our decision to love this little Goonie, but it's best to be prepared and read up in case of chromosomal abnormalities.

The test involves a blood test and an ultrasound that measures the width of the babies' neck and checks for some evidence of a nose and bridge of the nose (between Troy and I, the kid will have a honker) . The ultrasound looked great and the doc said our baby is "beautiful". DUH! Now we just wait for the blood test results to come back in a few weeks and we're golden.

The nurse did a preliminary ultrasound before the doctor came in and we got to see the Goonie for about 5 minutes. While I'm sure it is gorgeous out of the womb, it looks a bit like Gollum from Lord of the Rings on the ultrasound screen! At one point the nurse asked if we wanted to know the gender (we said yes). She said she *thought* she saw a wee little wiener. At this fetal age, penises and vaginas look pretty similar, but both Troy and I saw a little wangle in the Goonie's dangle. At one point, we tried to get a better look between the legs and Goonie straight up put it's hands over it's crotch. Poor thing, a modest child will not do well in our house. The same house that celebrates "pants off o'clock" around 7 pm. We'll know for sure at 20 weeks (early Nov) if the Goonie is a Goonie, or a Lady Goonie.

Goonie also was jumping around and swatting at the area in front of it's face. We saw on the 3D ultrasound that the umbilical cord is right in FRONT of it's face so we think it's trying to swat it out of the way. Whenever the ultrasound tech pushed in with the ultrasound wand, Goonie would kick it's feet towards the top of my belly like "um, yah, if you could stop pushing on me that would be freaking great. And I'm going to need those TPS reports by 5:30. M'kay thanks". We saw some legs and while they looked long (like momma!), we didn't see any huge calves at this point.

For those of you who are reading this and don't know Troy and I in real life, you must be asking yourself "why does she keep mentioning calves"? Please see below for evidence that Troy was likely raised near a nuclear power plant. Those things aren't found in nature! We live in Los Angeles and 99% of the people who see them probably think Troy had his calves done. The fact that we could one day have a girl with those legs will pretty much guarantee us a little Olympian.

While seeing the kiddo was cool, the REALLY cool part came after the appointment! We were on the elevator and it stopped on another floor. The doors opened and right in front of us is the FREAKING KID FROM LOST WHO PLAYS WALTER!!!!! He ended up not getting on the elevator because him mom wasn't ready yet (whatever Walter, we saw the show - your mom died from cancer like 2 seasons ago). It's probably a good thing because Troy would have likely held him up against the wall until he spilled all the secrets from the show. But then a polar bear or a smoke monster would have probably eaten us.

Back in the car, Troy and I had a serious conversation about going back and offering to trade him our baby for the secrets of the show.

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Tammy Spence said...

You will always be my Sniffer and Betty will always be my Betty! Tyler is totally jealous of Troy's calves. How does he do it?...must be all the reenacting at the Cowboy club! What's your number? Speaking of the cowboy club I want to see some pics.
Peace out