Monday, September 29, 2008

A crazy PG side effect and a rant (well 2 rants)

Ok, so I've noticed in the last few weeks that my ears have a ton of wax in them - like way more than normal.

What's that? You're grossed out despite the fact that I promised this would be an honest blog about pregnancy? Well I can't hear you because my ears are full of WAX!

Rant 1: who in the fuck in this country is eating sweet relish? Seriously people! Whenever I'm out and about and want to enjoy relish with my meal, it's always sweet relish in the little packets of fury. I've never met a single person who likes sweet relish and yet I can't find a packet of dill to save my life. My freaking grocery store near my house has 15 kinds of sweet relish but NO dill. Blow me Ralphs Fresh Fare.

Rant 2: Hey Abercrombie, I get it. You sell perfume and cologne. Now can you please stop piping it out of your freaking tacky ass store so that I can walk by without dry heaving in to the planter in front of Macys? Does the overwhelming stench of donkey balls that you call perfume/cologne actually entice anyone to come in to the store and buy it? Oh wait, that's right, the people buying it are the same people who let their 6 year old daughters wear the thongs you created a few years ago. I forgot.

PS, Abercrombie, you're the anti-christ.


Lmoshe8228 said...

The Goonies was on TBS last night around 1 am, and I totally thought of you while I watched it. :)

♥RedRose101307♥ said...

i hate abercrombie with a passion. they suck balls

Connie said...

Ear Wax: I noticed an increase when I was pg too!

Dill Relish: I like it too...but have been out-voted in this house...and now there is a Costco jar of sweet relish in our fridge!

Smells: I am ultra-sensitive to smells...cigarettes, perfume, laundry soap, etc. anyways, but I remember during pregnancy (w/Kori) my nausea started at Thanksgiving and the smell of everything cooking was unbelievably intolerable.

Hope things improve on the nausea and zit fronts!