Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How to torture your child and make yourself laugh

Undo your nursing bra while forcing your child to "walk" towards you when they're hungry. Cruel? Nah. Hilarious? Yep

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jack is 4 months old and back from vacation!

Happy 1/3 year birthday Jackie Bear! Your Poppa and I are so proud to be your parents! Jack has been on vacation all of last week, but took lots of photos for everyone.

When he heard that we were going to Los Angeles, he decided to study up on the regionSince Poppa wasn't going with him, he thought that perhaps a common tat would help them not miss each other as much
Upon arriving in Los Angeles, he took in the scene with Momma
Decided to hit the beach and ride the waves

To get the sand out of his diaper, he thought that perhaps a bath might be nice. This was also a teachable moment for momma: always turn the flash off for up close photos
Since he was in town, he decided to look up his future wife Lyla. Jack and Lyla have been betrothed since they were zygotes. His feelings are only a little bit hurt that she doesn't look at all interested in him...
He also got to hang out with with two of his favorite people: godmommy Elisa and godmommy Anne! And finally, after all that traveling with Momma and Aunt Amy, he just wanted to take a bath and have some personal time. He is usually very active during baths, but for some reason he wouldn't even make eye contact with me during this one.