Saturday, August 30, 2008

I did it!

I did it. They said it couldn't be done. No one believed I was capable of it...

I freaking took a nap today! I'm a terrible sleeper and ordinarily can't nap if you paid me. After getting up around 3 am today and staying awake until 5:15 am, I guess my body finally waved the white flag and I gave in.

Then I woke up and had a half of a Pop Tart. So, pretty much the best day ever.

UPDATE (10 pm): I take it back. Worst day ever. I puked 4 times and felt sicker than I ever have before. God bless Troy for taking care of me and being so patient.

Friday, August 29, 2008

This blog has been puke free for 36+ hours

Hell yah, that's what we call a "streak"! After puking 3 times on Wednesday, 36 hours puke free rocks. We went and saw Tropic Thunder on Wednesday night. Without being too graphic, I'll just say that I won't be enjoying movie popcorn again for quite a while. For the record, the movie was hilarious and in no way is my fear of popcorn derived from the film.

I volunteer for Big Sisters Little Sisters, and yesterday Troy and I took my Little to Disneyland for her birthday. She brought her biological little sister along. I have to say even at 9 weeks pregnant and feeling a little icky, I am about 10 times faster than those girls.

My little sister (17) is about 5'9 and probably 210 pounds. Her sister (13) is 5'3 and 15o pounds which is 3-4 pounds MORE than me and I'm 6'. Oy vey they are very heavy and LAZY girls, but as Troy kept reminding me, it's a product of their environment and it's not their fault. We did our best to encourage healthy eating habits yesterday, and hopefully the walk did them well.

We went on our of our fav rides: Buzz Lightyear. You get a laser blaster and try to score points by shooting targets. Troy always kicks my ass. Below is a photo taken during the ride. Sadly, despite my aggressive warrior face, I lost. =(

Since I had to sit out most of the rides, Troy was an angel and stood in line with the girls all day. These girls are VERY sweet, but extremely dim. Troy is a patient man and I love him for it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Week 9 - there is some crazy shit goin' on up in here!

This week The Goonie is the sign of a green olive. His/her arms and legs are growing longer, and eyelids are developing. I'm not going to lie, it looks freaking creepy from the photos online I have seen. I know it's my kid and all, but ewwwww...

Week 9 stats:

Pounds gained to date: -1 lbs (who knew that throwing up makes you lose weight. Does the fashion industry know about this????)
Weeks until my next appointment: 3 weeks, 2 days
How I am feeling (on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being "dear god, I feel like walking death"): .75-1. The puking is getting to me a bit, but I refuse to let it break me!

A new nightime routine

Brush teeth? Check!
Wash face? Check!
Take prenatal vitamin and some sort of safe sleep aid? Check!
Puke in toilet around 10 pm? Check!

For the past three nights I've thrown up around 10 pm. I don't mind it because I feel a ton better afterwards. Last night I was hanging out in bed watching TV waiting to puke. I really needed to because I was feeling so icky. I ran out of the bedroom and announced to Troy that "it was time". He commented that "he has never known anyone who was so excited to puke". I did my business and then went to bed and slept like an angel.

Mary Kate Olson, I get it now.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Troy = best husband ever

I take back all the "your baby thinks you're an asshole" jokes (which were just teasing anyway. No need to send me another email on that DAD). Guess what my awesome husband is making me for dinner tonight? Pancakes, mashed potatoes, and bacon. Yep, divine.

After hurling twice yesterday, I'm eating whatever the hell sounds good to me. If only he could make pancakes out of mashed potatoes...

:::runs off to secret food lab to investigate:::

Update (6:51 pm). Best dinner ever:

Friday, August 22, 2008

My streak is over

It was bound to happen, I had it easy for too long. I finally puked this morning. Dammit.

It's my own damn fault, and I set myself up for failure. We took my interns out last night for their farewell event, and I wasn't smart about eating properly. I didn't like my dinner, and forgot to pack extra snacks in my purse. After dinner we went to a karaoke place with the undergrad interns and I was locked in a hot and sweaty room for 3 hours singing my heart out. I was trying to stay hydrated with water, but I could only drink so much.

After leaving the bar at 1:15 am, I knew I was screwed. My stomach was pissed and I knew I was in for it. I fought the nausea for a bit, but it found me this morning around 10:15 am at work. Thankfully the bathroom was empty, because I am not a "pretty puker". When I puke it sounds like a guttural tribal song from the Amazon.

The good news is I feel better now!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Week 8 - it's a fetus party up in here!

Happy birthday to the Goonie who turns 8 weeks today! So what did you do this week? Cause I created ears, toes, and fingers. Yep, I've been busy!

Anyhoo, before I show off the belly pix, I thought you all would like to see my harvest from today. They are all organic heirloom tomatoes: Pineapple (big ones), Green Zebra, Mortgage Lifter, and paste tomatoes.

We're enjoying them with our homegrown basil, and really yummy buffalo mozzarella from Costco. A few of these are going to work, but the rest are headed to the freezer to make sauce at some point.
Now for the obligatory belly shot: tada! that is 50% Goonie, and 50% gnocchi. Mmm...gnocchi.
A new part of my weekly post: the stats.
Pounds gained to date: .5 lbs
Weeks until my next appointment: 4
How I am feeling (on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being "dear god, I feel like walking death"): .25. Thanks mom for the great healthy pregnancy genes! This totally makes up for the knobby knees and small boobs.
Until next time!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My baby will be a hippy

My wonderful cousin-in-law Erica emailed me a question this weekend about what kind of diapers we'll be using. She knows I've talked about cloth diaps in the past, and was curious about what the Goonie will be wearing on it's soon to be adorable butt.

My reasons for tush wrappin' the Goonie in cloth:
  • Fantastic for the environment. A disposable diaper takes 500 years+ to break down in a landfill.
  • Babies who wear cloth diapers rarely have diaper rash.
  • They're no longer all prefolds and plastic pants. They're easy and cute.
  • I'm a bit of a hippy, and will raise my child as one.
  • CD (cloth diapers) are also known to be way more leak proof that disposables.
  • The BEST part: a child that is cloth diapered, will potty train up to 6 months sooner. Um, sign me up!

Oh, and since you know I'm cheap as well, my preliminary calculations show that we'll save about $1,200 in two years on diapers.

I've done a ton of research on this, and anyone who knows me, knows that I have an Excel file full of data on this topic. I've decided on a diaper for the newborn stage, and then one for once the Goonie surpasses the 10 pound mark. WARNING: if you are used to cloth diapers from the 80's, you're about to be surprised by the freaking cuteness and ease of today's diapers.

The newborn diaper we will be using (Kissaluvs size 0):

The newborn diaper cover we'll be using (Thirsties):

The diaper we will be using once the Goonie hits 10 lbs. They grow with the kid using snaps on the front middle and fit babies 10-35 lbs (BumGenius 3.0):

If you are interested in learning more about cloth diapers, and are great resources!

A camping we will go

The Goonie went on it's first camping trip this weekend! We have an annual camping/rafting trip at work that was this past weekend. I love the rafting part, but this year due to a "back injury" (the excuse I gave for not rafting), I just went for the camping. Unfortunately, due to Troy's new crappy game show that he's working on, he was unable to attend. T-Roy works every Friday-Sunday now through November, so he will be missing out on all the fun stuff for a few months. In the end it's worth it, but the poor thing really hates this job.

I survived bees, fire ants, and a port-a-potty with no running water all while almost 8 weeks pregnant. Speaking of bees, I think I saw a bee porno being filmed on my piece of salmon last night. It was freaking ridiculous. At one point, a yellow jacket came on my plate, grabbed a grain of rice, and flew away. To quote Ron Burgandy, "I wasn't even angry, I'm just impressed".

Which leads me to my next question...what would one name an all bee porno? "Sting Me Slowly"? "A Taste of Honey"? "Staying a-Hive"?

Bring anything on now, cause I can handle it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ultrasound update!

Like I said yesterday, The u/s (ultrasound) tech wouldn't give me the heartrate and said I needed to discuss it with my doc. I called my doc's office today and was told that she wasn't in and wouldn't be able to call me until next Tuesday. (WTF (mom that means "What the F$&k)).

I had a bit of cramping so I was annoyed by this and wanted to talk with her. I called back and they said the doctor on call wasn't comfortable talking with me about the heartrate results on the phone and I really needed to wait to talk to my doc in person. That had me a little freaked out and I was nearly in tears from frustration.

My awesome coworker who I told today about the pregnancy called the office back pretending to be me (I was in the room) and would not let them off the phone until they had my doc on the phone with the results.

Everything is great, h/r (heartrate) is 123 (which is fantastic) and she said that even though I'm measuring about 5-6 days off my LMP, that is perfectly fine and everything looks great.I feel so much better, but will be finding a new doc ASAP. I like my current doc, but dealing w/crazy PG ladies she needs to work more than every Tuesday.

It has a heartbeat!

Troy and I went and had our first ultrasound yesterday! The woman who does it should play poker as her face gives NOTHING away. After about 8 minutes (seemed like 90) of her messing around down there with the transvag wand, she showed us our baby and we got the hear the heartbeat. It was so amazing to hear and the heartbeat seemed steady...fingers crossed it doesn't have asthma like it's dad and grandma!

The money shot:
After feeling like I was fisted by Mini Me, the tech printed off a copy for us to take home. We went to celebrate by going to The Cheesecake Factory. Dinner was good except for the group of 14 year old Barbies sitting next to us wearing clothes that cost more than my car. At point one of them said "OMG, I've been sober for 6 months now". Thank god we're getting out of Beverly Hills before this baby is born.

My OBGYN put me at 7w1d, but the ultrasound tech put me at 6w2d. Apparently this happens a lot and isn't something we should worry about. Besides, I was a small baby (but L-O-N-G), so I guess it is to be expected. The doc told us once we heard the heartbeat, that our miscarriage risk drops to 2-4%. Freaking sweet.

Since I waited until we had the u/s before starting this blog, here is a archive of belly photos. And yes, those are wifebeater tank tops in every photo. They're comfy, cheap, and I will not have you judging me:

Week 5:

Week 6:
Week 7 (25% baby, 75% Cheesecake Factory):

I'm still feeling really good and as long as my stomach has some sort of food in it, I'm not nauseous at all.

My new favorite thing this week is telling Troy that the baby thinks he is an asshole. Not making dinner fast enough for me? Your baby thinks you're an asshole. Make fun of me for something? Your baby thinks you're an asshole. It's all in jest, but it is freaking funny!