Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ultrasound update!

Like I said yesterday, The u/s (ultrasound) tech wouldn't give me the heartrate and said I needed to discuss it with my doc. I called my doc's office today and was told that she wasn't in and wouldn't be able to call me until next Tuesday. (WTF (mom that means "What the F$&k)).

I had a bit of cramping so I was annoyed by this and wanted to talk with her. I called back and they said the doctor on call wasn't comfortable talking with me about the heartrate results on the phone and I really needed to wait to talk to my doc in person. That had me a little freaked out and I was nearly in tears from frustration.

My awesome coworker who I told today about the pregnancy called the office back pretending to be me (I was in the room) and would not let them off the phone until they had my doc on the phone with the results.

Everything is great, h/r (heartrate) is 123 (which is fantastic) and she said that even though I'm measuring about 5-6 days off my LMP, that is perfectly fine and everything looks great.I feel so much better, but will be finding a new doc ASAP. I like my current doc, but dealing w/crazy PG ladies she needs to work more than every Tuesday.


elisa said...

dude, so sorry yesterday was such a stress! I'm happy to hear things are okay though. :)

Erica said...

Yeah for the blog! Now I don't have to tap Scott on the shoulder and tell him to ask Troy how you are feeling everytime they are on the phone together! Now I get to hear all the good stuff! Love the pics!!!!!