Friday, August 29, 2008

This blog has been puke free for 36+ hours

Hell yah, that's what we call a "streak"! After puking 3 times on Wednesday, 36 hours puke free rocks. We went and saw Tropic Thunder on Wednesday night. Without being too graphic, I'll just say that I won't be enjoying movie popcorn again for quite a while. For the record, the movie was hilarious and in no way is my fear of popcorn derived from the film.

I volunteer for Big Sisters Little Sisters, and yesterday Troy and I took my Little to Disneyland for her birthday. She brought her biological little sister along. I have to say even at 9 weeks pregnant and feeling a little icky, I am about 10 times faster than those girls.

My little sister (17) is about 5'9 and probably 210 pounds. Her sister (13) is 5'3 and 15o pounds which is 3-4 pounds MORE than me and I'm 6'. Oy vey they are very heavy and LAZY girls, but as Troy kept reminding me, it's a product of their environment and it's not their fault. We did our best to encourage healthy eating habits yesterday, and hopefully the walk did them well.

We went on our of our fav rides: Buzz Lightyear. You get a laser blaster and try to score points by shooting targets. Troy always kicks my ass. Below is a photo taken during the ride. Sadly, despite my aggressive warrior face, I lost. =(

Since I had to sit out most of the rides, Troy was an angel and stood in line with the girls all day. These girls are VERY sweet, but extremely dim. Troy is a patient man and I love him for it!


Shay said...

Goooo Sarah!! Right on! I miss you both and can't wait to see "it" grow! If you ever have any dental know who to ask! Hi Troy!

Sarah said...

Hi Shay! We miss you guys so much. Everytime Troy takes his pants off and walks around the apartment after 8 pm he comments "I miss Shay and Brock". =D