Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, which means you make your plans for Lent and what you're planning on giving up for the next 40 days.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to give up this year. My first thought was soda, but then I realized I only drink about 1 a week, and mainly steal sips of Troy's when he goes to the bathroom if we're at a restaurant.

Swearing? Hmmm...I'm planning on a natural birth and my baby has a really huge head. Perhaps swearing isn't the thing to give up right now.

I then read something online this morning about a woman who instead of giving stuff up, decided that she was instead going to give out three compliments a day. I like the positive spin to it, so I'm going to plan on doing that myself!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

35/35 today and I have conquered the Moby!

Today I'm 35/35! 35 weeks along, and 35 days left to go!

At 35 weeks, Jack is continuing his reign of gigantism and moving and kicking with a ton of force. I forgot to mention that at the ultrasound, they determined he is indeed heads down, and it is indeed his legs that are constantly up in my ribs. Once he turns 2 and gets past that fragile stage I'm going to creep in to his room and put MY feet on his ribs when he's peacefully sleeping. When he wakes up and asks what is going on, I'm going to be all like "so how's that feel dude? Feel good? Didn't think so"!

At 30 weeks it is supposed to be all downhill, but I'm still feeling pretty damn fantastic. I have a little knot in my ribs/upper back that no amount of massage can get rid of, but it's tolerable and likely not forever. Occasionally I get a weird sharp twinge in my right hip that lasts for about 5 seconds and hurts like a bitch. As soon as I realize it hurts though, it goes away so thank goodness for small blessings!

Starting this past Saturday I've begun the "freezer stash" process. Troy and I purchased a small chest freezer for the garage a few weeks ago in preparation for Jack's arrival (see dad, I didn't call him the Spawn. Happy?). To date, I've made 2 servings of BBQ pulled pork, and 3 meals of chili. Today I'm tackling freezing a ham quiche, and tomorrow is lasagna day! Last Tuesday my sister and I also made ~420 oz of applesauce. She took some, we gave some away, and the rest is safely stashed in my freezer for late night snacks.

The other biggest change in the last week is that strangers actually ask me if I'm pregnant! This is a new phenomenon as before I just looked like I had a mini beer belly, or just looked "normal". On Friday the cashier at Costco asked me if I was about 4-5 months along. When I told him 8 & 1/2 months, he looked panicked and asked that I not go in to labor in his line. Happy to oblige dude.

Here is my week 35 belly photo. I assure you that in person my boobs are WAY more impressive.

And here I am proudly showing off my mastering of the Moby Wrap. For those of you who don't know what a Moby Wrap is, it's a 5 ft long piece of jersey fabric that is in one long strip. It requires a lot of wrapping and twisting to eventually get to a place where a baby could comfortably be wrapped in it. It looks complicated, but after a few practices (thank you YouTube videos), I think I've got it down! Special thanks to my friend Colleen for the Moby as a shower gift, and also thanks to my 2 & 1/2 year old niece Ashlyn for letting me borrow her baby doll for a few days for wrap and swaddling practice.

And, ladies beware. That is what happens to your face in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Note to self: wear MAKE UP when posting a photo of your shiteous face on the Internet.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My new name for Jack

After my ultrasound yesterday showing how big Jack is, I now refer to him as "Fatty McFatFetus".

To quote Heath Ledger...

"Why so serious"? WTF is up with the expression on my face in this photo? I look like such a haughty bitch.

Anyhoo, here is my "week 34" belly shot. I say "week 34" because while I've only been pregnant for 34 weeks, my fat ass baby is measuring over 37 weeks.

In our birthing class (Bradley Method) on Saturday we learned some great techniques for laboring that will prevent tearing and generally will make the mom and baby more comfortable. I was interested in them, but now I need to study them like my life depended on it given Jack's big fat 99th percentile head. Thanks to my dad's side of the family for the gigantism...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby Jack update

So the ultrasound was at a place where the tech did the exam and then a doc will review it and then tell my doc tomorrow.

But answer first (the tech was super nice and probably told me more than she should have) is the fluid looks fine and Jack is a wee bit of a fatty!

I'm 34 weeks
His HEAD is measuring almost 38 weeks (OUCH), his body is measuring 37 weeks and his legs are measuring 35 weeks. The adjusted due date is now March 13th, but my doc will probably not change it because at this point the measurments aren't a huge predictor.
He weighs about 6 lbs.

Thanks for all your prayers!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Overdue post and photos of Jack's nursery!

Before I post a bunch of crap and photos, we'd like to ask for prayers for little Jack. At my appointment this am the doctor noted that my uterus is about 2 cm too small for 34 weeks, so I'm going in for an ultrasound tomorrow. She thinks it is likely because I'm so tall, but they want to rule out low fluid, etc. I think it's because he has a freaking Wi Fit in the womb and stays so active that he isn't packing on the pounds. Since the ultrasound isn't at my doctor's office, my guess is the technician can't tell me anything, so I'll likely have to wait until Thursday for results. Balls.

In other news, Troy has been studying VERY hard for a math test for a government job in the area. He was pretty stressed about it, but took it today and ROCKED it. He's pretty much the smartest man alive at this point.
Anyhoo, here are some photos for you!

(Above left): the view from our apartment one early Sunday morning. (Above right), the brownies that "Jack" made me the night I came home from my 2 week work trip. He's such a sweet little guy.

I had my shower on Sunday, and it was awesome and overwhelming! My sister did such a great job; she could be a professional shower planner! There were so many amazing women in my life there, and I can never adequately thank everyone for coming. I also didn't take one damn photo cause I'm an idiot.
Here are some nursery photos. I don't decorate, and I don't do "cute", so here are the results...

(Above left): the shower explosion/aftermath, (Above center): Handy man Pops hanging Jack's artwork, (Above left): the drawer organizers for Jack's dresser.

(Above left): Boba Fett (cause every infant needs a super freaking scary Star Wars cut out in their room...), (Above center): Troy nursing Jack's monkey in the rocker using the Boppy, (Above left): a Noah's Ark painting that was hanging in Troy's room when he was a little boy. Rumor has it his mom painted it! Troy framed it tonight to protect it.

(Above left): the view from the hallway (Above center): what I'm referring to as "poo central". His dressing/changing table, diaper holder, diaper pail, and hamper, (Above left): the crib with the animals on the wall

(Above left): his crib and my chair (from my in-laws. The ottoman is coming soon from my parents), (Above center): a close up of the absolutely gorgeous duckie quilt my aunt made for Jack. She is so amazing and talented! (Above left): the rug that Jack's future mother-in-law "E" got for him. Jack is so excited to be born to meet his girlfriend Lyla.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Having way too much fun with baby gifts

The awesome people who work in my department got me this Ergo baby carrier. We had nothing in the house to try it out with, so I stuffed a "Hulk" fist and a unicorn (inside joke gift from my interns last summer) in to the carrier.

As long as Jack weighs about 2 lbs and has pink fur, I think this will work out nicely!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"I don't think you're ready for this bellah"

Here is Jack in all his week 32 glory. Oh you're not good at math? Let me translate that - I'm officially 8 months pregnant today bitches! The photo is taken in another hotel room while I'm on the tour of US hotels.
It's snowing right now in Boston, and it's very peaceful and lovely to see.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A letter to my unborn son

Dear Jack,

This is my letter to you as your loving mother who is extremely excited to meet you soon!

1) Your hiccups are adorable for about 5 minutes, but after 90 minutes, they start to feel uncomfortable.
2) You must be flexible (unlike your parents) to prop yourself up on your elbows while sticking your butt up in my rib cage! I'm impressed.
3) You have NO IDEA how much everyone in our lives loves you already, and you're not even born. You better come out ready to be adored and spoiled and:
a) know how to use tools and shoot guns with your dad (seriously, he already has your tool belt purchased and has his eye on a little gun belt)
b) know how to fish with your Grandpa John
c) know how to golf with your Grandpa Barry
d) know which nickname you want to give to your Aunties since they have the exact same name
4) Mommy and daddy love you unconditionally, but would prefer that you lead a clean and Christian life. We understand everyone makes mistakes, and we'll be here for you regardless, but living a clean life makes things much easier!
5) Mommy's love of Daniel Craig and Jon Stewart, in NO WAY diminishes her love for daddy
6) Mommy & daddy will always kiss your boo boos and give you hugs when you need them. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.
7) While we'll love you unconditionally, we reserve the right to make fun of you if you decide to be goth or emo in Jr high. If your hair gets too long and I have to buy you a flat iron, I reserve the right to call you a little hippy freeloader.
8) Mommy will give you haircuts until you firmly request to see a professional. I've been cutting dad's hair for 6+ years and it saves a lot of money. Which leads me to:
9) Mommy is CHEAP and a hippy. She will buy you stuff from garage sales and thrift stores, but she'll also buy you new stuff from the store when you need it (if it's on sale of course).
10) Mommy strives to be very "green" and will constantly remind you that paper doesn't below in the garbage. Just ask your dad...
11) Daddy and Mommy can't wait until you're here and to love you forever. That being said, please hold out a few more weeks since we're so not ready for your arrival. Your crib is in a box, and we don't have anything else we "need" (like diapers!) quite yet.
12) I haven't even met you yet, and I already will kill anyone if they hurt you. Daddy has guns, and mommy knows how to use them.

Mom & Dad

PS, even though your official name is Jack Barry, I will occasionally refer to you as Jack Bauer while putting a tiny messanger bag on you, and forcing you to call "Chloe" on your toy phone. It's gonna happen - be prepared.