Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Overdue post and photos of Jack's nursery!

Before I post a bunch of crap and photos, we'd like to ask for prayers for little Jack. At my appointment this am the doctor noted that my uterus is about 2 cm too small for 34 weeks, so I'm going in for an ultrasound tomorrow. She thinks it is likely because I'm so tall, but they want to rule out low fluid, etc. I think it's because he has a freaking Wi Fit in the womb and stays so active that he isn't packing on the pounds. Since the ultrasound isn't at my doctor's office, my guess is the technician can't tell me anything, so I'll likely have to wait until Thursday for results. Balls.

In other news, Troy has been studying VERY hard for a math test for a government job in the area. He was pretty stressed about it, but took it today and ROCKED it. He's pretty much the smartest man alive at this point.
Anyhoo, here are some photos for you!

(Above left): the view from our apartment one early Sunday morning. (Above right), the brownies that "Jack" made me the night I came home from my 2 week work trip. He's such a sweet little guy.

I had my shower on Sunday, and it was awesome and overwhelming! My sister did such a great job; she could be a professional shower planner! There were so many amazing women in my life there, and I can never adequately thank everyone for coming. I also didn't take one damn photo cause I'm an idiot.
Here are some nursery photos. I don't decorate, and I don't do "cute", so here are the results...

(Above left): the shower explosion/aftermath, (Above center): Handy man Pops hanging Jack's artwork, (Above left): the drawer organizers for Jack's dresser.

(Above left): Boba Fett (cause every infant needs a super freaking scary Star Wars cut out in their room...), (Above center): Troy nursing Jack's monkey in the rocker using the Boppy, (Above left): a Noah's Ark painting that was hanging in Troy's room when he was a little boy. Rumor has it his mom painted it! Troy framed it tonight to protect it.

(Above left): the view from the hallway (Above center): what I'm referring to as "poo central". His dressing/changing table, diaper holder, diaper pail, and hamper, (Above left): the crib with the animals on the wall

(Above left): his crib and my chair (from my in-laws. The ottoman is coming soon from my parents), (Above center): a close up of the absolutely gorgeous duckie quilt my aunt made for Jack. She is so amazing and talented! (Above left): the rug that Jack's future mother-in-law "E" got for him. Jack is so excited to be born to meet his girlfriend Lyla.


flojat said...

I am ROFL at Boba Fett. If J sees that, we'll end up with a Star Wars nursery whether we have a boy or a girl! Awesome!

LuLu said...

Loving the room hun, and holy cow you got so much stuff, wahoo!
Troy is cracking me up in his breastfeeding pic, love it.

Tammy Spence said...

Sniffer! I am thinking of you. Your nursery looks adorable! Take care, Lots of love, Tammy

Shannon said...

I love love love the nursery, its great!