Monday, September 22, 2008

Rest in peace Chip Chip

Troy called and little Chip Chip will be put to sleep today. His legs are paralyzed and he won't recover. Troy was hoping to build a little wheelchair or something. I did a Google search for "handicapped Squirrel" and "Squirrel wheelchair" but couldn't find any plans.

He fought bravely. To the right is how I picture him in the last few days.

So, here is an ode to Chip Chip from those who loved him:

Chip Chip, you brought joy to our lives
You showed us your love, and you showed us your might
We love you even though you liked to chew on the gutters at night
You made us laugh as you jumped from tree to tree
I think I laughed so hard once I had to pee.
Even though you ate my ONLY ripe orange last year, I couldn't stay made at you
Troy and I will miss you - you were one of the good few.

I'm being no means a professional poet, but you have to admit - the above is freaking gold.


Shannon said...

I am strangely moved to tears by your Ode to Chip-Chip. I hope he is now running amongst the other wildlife in animal heaven and his supply of nuts and berries are endless. RIP.

Mary said...

RIP chip Chip. RIP.

Connie said...

So sad to learn that Chip Chip didn't make it. DAMN CATS. Our cat brought us the remains of another little bird this morning, UGH!
I keep telling him it's really not necessary...he doesn't need to show us his love in that way!

But hey, have you thought about putting the ODE TO CHIP CHIP to music? You would certainly have a hit on your hands!