Monday, September 15, 2008

Please ignore my last post. =(

The whole "I haven't puked since XXXX" bragging is no longer. Oy vey, it's ok!

The icky news is that I think the Goonie has given me a cavity. I'm constantly sucking on Jolly Ranchers for the nausea and the 1-4 times a day of throwing up can't be helping my tooth enamel...

I go to the dentist next Wednesday, so I hope it's good news. Back in 1998 I had a cavity filled without any pain medication. I can do it again, but would prefer not to if the cavity is deep.

Speaking of cavities, am I the only one who was brainwashed by the public school system in to thinking this is what an actual cavity looks like?


Carly said...

oh no!!! I am sorry- I hope you start feeling better soon..

♥RedRose101307♥ said...

boo for the pukies!!!

annnddd. you've been tagged!

Erica said...

Where is the dang belly picture! I am dying over here!