Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My only pregnancy complaint

I bet you think it's about puking right? Nope, that I can handle! It's not the puking, it's not the invasive doctor appointments, or even the food aversions -- it's the freaking ACNE!

My face is so broken out that I feel 13. And a lovely side effect of the pregnancy acne is that after being huge, red, and nasty for about a week, the "blemishes" (that word sounds too nice for what they are) turn black. Yes, black. So, not only do I look like a topographical map of the Cascade Mountain range, but I'm also announcing to the world that I'm slowly rotting from the inside starting on my face.

I went to a dermatologist last week for some help. Below is a transcript of the appointment (I mean, as far as I can remember):

Dermatologist: yes, I can see why you're frustrated Sarah, those are some red marks! But, I can't prescribe anything in the pill form for you.
Sarah: Ok, is there anything you can give me that will help?
Dermatologist: Yes, but there are some side effects...
Sarah: Like it will hurt my baby?
Dermatologist: No, worse!
Sarah: Worse that hurting my baby? What could it be doc?
Dermatologist: I don't know how to say this, so I'll have to say it in medical terms. The only topical cream that I can give you smells like Big Foot's nuts.
Sarah: (look of horror)
Dermatologist: And even though it stinks and makes your face look like you're wearing a beard of bees, it might not help in the end.
Sarah: so, you can write me a prescription for that today? Thanks

That is pretty much how I remember the appointment going. The doctor might have a slightly different point of view though...

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