Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grossest thing ever (don't read if squeamish)

Ok, so you know I've been puking a lot and you know I'm rocking some SWEET acne. Well today, the two worlds of awesomeness collided.

I was at work late tonight because of an event and thought I was going to avoid puking. Nope, as soon as I got home I had to let is loose. After that super sweet event, I looked in the mirror and blood was streaming down my face towards my eye.

I inspected it more closely and realized that I puked SO hard that I caused a zit to start bleeding. Troy saw the aftermath - it was brutal.

I warned you that it was gross and you kept reading. You have no one but yourself to blame! I promise this will be an honest blog about pregnancy. We don't all look like Angelina people.

And Erica, the belly photo will come tomorrow my dear. I was occupied last night by a fantastic book and had to be at work late tonight. Plus we have our 12 week appointment tomorrow and it will just be easier to post everything all at once.


Shannon said...

Awww, that IS so gross but I feel bad that you had to go through barfing and zit bleeding at the same time, no fun! Cant wait to see your new belly pics

Erica said...

I guess that is acceptable! By the way, so gross! But also so awesome at the same time!!

Connie said...

What no pics of the horific event??
C'mon Sarah!