Friday, November 21, 2008

My plea to Christian Slater

Dear Christian Slater,

Your forehead scares the SHIT out of me. You're like 45, and can't move your face above your eyes. I'm truly scared for you...injecting that much Botox in to your forehead can't be good for your health or your need to appear like you're both evil and scared on "My Own Worst Enemy".

And BTW, for a show that is sold as "the male Alias", I gotta say, I am BORED. I continue to Tivo you and your wrinkle-free face, but will only watch it once I've cleared out the List on my Tivo. I once couldn't sleep and spent about 5 minutes watching your show at 2 am before choosing to READ. You read that right buddy, you drove me to a book in the week hours of the morning.

For what it's worth, you were fantastic in Heathers, and kind of good in Prince of Thieves, but I'm not seeing it anymore. Sorry bud.



Vikki said...
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Ro said...

You're right, he did look really weird. I guess it's a good thing that the show got cancelled, huh?