Monday, November 3, 2008

Join us in the "2008 Pantry Challenge"

Troy and I are starting the "2008 Fall Pantry Challenge" this week. We have way too much food in our pantry that will just go to waste soon since we've forgotten about it.

The Pantry Challenge, challenges us to create 2 meals a week between now and Dec 15th based almost solely on the contents of our pantry. You can of course supplement with fresh ingredients like eggs, dairy, meat, veggies, etc, but we have to clean out this pantry!

We start this week, and I encourage any of you with overflowing cupboards to join us and post comments about your "delicious and creative meals"!


Shannon said...

um, BRING IT ON! Im in :)

Carly said...

seriously- if we played it would be a meal comprised of wild rice, chicken stock, and the chocolate drizzled 90 calorie pack quaker oat things.. my pantry is bare- comes from living across the street from the market :)

Connie said...

Great idea, Sarah! It can help you to create some interesting meals...and save money too!
Another great way to clean out the pantry, is to donate to your local food bank.