Monday, November 10, 2008

Pantry Challenge update & $160 for CRAP?

Pantry challenge update: Yesterday Troy made a tasty (albeit protein free) dinner from the pantry and freezer. We had rice, corn, and delicious onion potatoes that he made using week old baby red potatoes with some Lipton onion soup mix that neither of us knew we had. For a special treat, we had Trader Joe's "no pudge brownies" using a box of brownie mix that mysteriously appeared and some Fage yogurt in the fridge that was set to expire soon. He also fished out a can of pineapple juice from the freezer that had been hiding for a bit and mixed it with sparkly water for a delicious mocktail! I give him an A+ for effort and tastiness.

Tonight we're having chili with a random box of cornbread mix we found yesterday while hunting for powdered sugar. I'll probably cut up some carrot sticks for veggies.

I found a chicken breast in the freezer, and will be making some chicken noodle soup this week with a half empty bag of egg noodles, some miscellaneous chicken broth, and lots of veggies we need to use up in the fridge.

In eating news: this just rocks! I had a giant breakfast on Saturday (the amount of food I would eat in a whole day during weeks 8-18), and then a big lunch. Food = awesome.

In other news, Troy had a garage sale this weekend to get rid of some crap (literally, just random junk that we didn't think anyone would possibly want) and made $160!!!! Just to prove that this stuff was actual crap, he sold a giant box of VHS tapes to a family for $30. Another guy bought a box of old batteries for $1. WTF!?

We have our big 20 week gender decider (coughit'saboycough) ultrasound on Wednesday morning! I'll post an update that evening along with a belly photo. I'm interested to see what the ultrasound shows because I got stung by a bee this weekend. Now my friend Anne (Baby Momma) is convinced that the Goonie will have super "Yellow Jacket" powers. If we see a pupa sac on Wednesday, there might be some cause for concern...=D


Melissa said...

I'm in awe of the money made from crap!

Anne Bailey said...

That baby is going to have some awesome super powers - I'm sure of it!!

Also, I'm super impressed with Troy's cooking creativity - nice work, Troy.