Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Week 20

Here's the belly photo! The pants are unbuttoned to show off the belly - not cause I walk around with my pants unzipped.

I've gained .5 lbs since Monday so now I'm only 4.5 away from my starting weight. Sweet!


Lindsey said...

I cannot believe how tiny you are at 20 weeks, I'm going to tell myself it's b/c you're tall so there is more room for baby inside. That makes me feel better. Glad you are gaining weight, good job!

Erica said...

Yeah, for the belly pic! I can't wait to see it in person. Only a couple more weeks and you will get to give the goonie a taste of China west!!!

Sarah said...

Linds, I have totally belly bump envy towards your adorable bump - I wish I looked as cute as you! The kiddo is 13 oz, so at some point very soon he's going to run out of room in there and start to poke out.

Erica, I've been DREAMING about China West for weeks now and can't freaking wait for another 1.5 weeks to get up there an make some pork fried rice my bitch!