Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Week 21

21 weeks; I'm more than halfway now - who hoo!!! In the belly pix, I'm wearing MATERNITY JEANS! They're really baggy still, but when before they would just fall off, now they stay up for 5 minutes before slipping down.

I weighed myself today and I'm at 144.5 lbs which means I'm only 3.5 lbs away from my starting weight! I've begun drinking 1 Ensure a day - basically an old person drink but it tastes good (well only the milk chocolate milkshake does), has 250 calories and 24 "essential" vitamins and minerals. I'm thinking of starting to drink 2 a day, but those suckers are expensive! A person at work today (who was trying to be very sweet) told me that when actors have to gain weight for a role, they will microwave a gallon of ice cream and drink it...and drink 5 of those a day. He meant well, but I gagged thinking about it.

We have another doctor appointment tomorrow - a scheduled check up every 4 weeks. It's different than the one last week which was the 20 week ultrasound with a specialty doc to make sure Goon is growing properly, etc.

And on another note, only 6 more days until we get to go home to Washington for Thanksgiving - can't freaking wait! We haven't seen most of our family since May when we were home for cousin Kami's wedding. It's going to be a short visit, but so great: fun, family, food, family, and more food. I'm literally dreaming about my favorite pork fried rice at China West Restaurant.


Connie said...

Hey Baby Mama...I know where you can get a pair of suspenders should you want to keep those maternity pants up! One pair look like a tape measure...could be useful too!

flojat said...

I can't believe you're wearing maternity pants! Congrats on the weight gain. And I agree...the melted ice cream thing sounds downright nasty!

Lindsey said...

Awesome job on gaining weight hun! I still can't believe you are 21 weeks pregnant already, so exciting.

Shannon said...

Maternity pants? Check you out!

Scullyhoyy said...

Yay Maternity Jeans!!
& yup the ice cream thing just made me gag. Thats just gross.

Mary said...

yey for maternity jeans!!! I'm still trying to figure out a way to ship you a phlly cheese steak. :)