Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, not only is "it" a he, but he's a perv!

Today at our ultrasound, we received confirmation that Goonie is for sure a boy, and not a lady Goonie. The u/s tech put the wand on my belly and within about 3 secs Goonie was showing us his goods. I guess most babies are pretty squirmy, but he was quite the show off.

She took lots of measurements and everything is right on track! Despite still being 5 lbs under my starting weight, the kiddo is progressing well, and is even measuring about a week ahead. What a smart little overachiever he is!!!

The tech switched the machine to "4D" and said "oh look, there is his penis". Being the true child of Troy and myself, Goonie chose that moment to look at the camera, spread his legs, and give us the thumbs up:

Ah, momma's little perv.

Troy and I are still batting around a few names, but we think we're 99% set on one. Troy is working to make sure he's that extra 1% certain and we'll reveal it then!

We're registering tomorrow at my lunch break. I'm purposefully keeping the trip short so that we don't get overwhelmed and scan 6,000 items. I've been doing research for months (shocker right, I HATE being prepared...) and have set up a wish list that we'll convert to a registry tomorrow. I just didn't want to read about stuff and forget about it so the wish list has been my "shopping list" for months.

My awesome baby momma Anne found the most adorable sheets for us yesterday. We're not really doing a "theme" in the nursery, but are using the adorable yarn animals that my friend Jennifer made us a while ago as inspiration. I purchased the sheet and crib skirt yesterday (because they were on a wicked (40-60% off) sale!!!! but am not getting the bumper as freaking cute as it is. There is research showing that infants should sleep with NOTHING in the crib including a bumper to prevent SIDS.


Audrey said...

This post is wonderful! I love your little perv!

Shannon said...

I love the nursery theme, its really cute!

Tammy Spence said...

Congratulations on the boy! I love the yarn animals. Tyler and I find out what we are having on Dec. 19! Peace out

Eris1995 said...

congrats on your little perv!

Scullyhoyy said...

Yay for a little boy!
Love the idea for the nursery!