Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week 18 - back from the brink of death & Halloween!

We survived the plague - hurray!
Week 18 stats

Pounds gained to date: -10. I gained a bit over the weekend but the butt flu took that all away. But, around 10 am this morning I had this strange sensation in my stomach. It took me a few minutes to place it, but I was HUNGRY! I haven't been hungry in 14 weeks.
Weeks until my next appointment: 2

*note on the photo, that is a shadow in my armpit - I don't have hairy pits people.

Feeling good, so I won't even measure it on a scale of 1-10.
We also had my Halloween party at work today, and dressed up as Juno and her baby daddy Beeker from the movie "Juno". My wig isn't great, but Troy's costume MAKES our "group" costume. You can't see, but I'm wearing jeans under that skirt, and Troy is wearing some awesome knee socks:


Erica said...

oh the bump is getting so cute! I love your halloween costumes!! How funny!

About Me... said...

I love the costumes. And, I totaly understand where your coming from with the butt flu. I just got over it myself. Like it's not enough that we have to deal with the constant morning sickness :-)