Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week 17 - saggy butts, more wieners & no weight gain

17 stats:Pounds gained to date: -10. The doc said the baby was growing well, and since I'm keeping fluids down, there is nothing to worry about yet.

The crappy part is that my pants are looking pretty nasty on me right now. I'm not in my maternity pants yet, and my normal pants hang off my butt (I didn't really have one to start with). To the left is a photo that Troy took for me today. Those pants used to make my booty looks slammin' cause they hugged in all the right places. Now...sad saggy booty.

Weeks until my next appointment: 3 weeks

How I am feeling (on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being "dear god, I feel like walking death"): .50. Emotionally I feel good, but I'm still puking and am pretty damn dizzy.

I had an appointment on Monday (Troy was working so my baby momma Anne went with me) and we had a surprise ultrasound! We'll know the gender for SURE in 3 weeks, but Anne, the doc, and I all saw a little dingle dangle. I've always thought "boy", and we thought we saw a wiener at our 13 week ultrasound as well.

17 week belly photo:


LuLu said...

I will gladly give you some of my junk in the trunk, I've got PLENTY to spare!

Danielle said...

How about you can take some of my junk along with my boobs. You'll be set sister.

I'll be happy to give you some. Just say the word