Sunday, October 12, 2008

Traveling this week - belly pix will be late!

I'm traveling this week and won't be back in LA until late late late Wednesday night. If I can stay awake long enough Thursday to post a belly photo I will. Right now I'm writing from a hotel in Philly waiting for my damn room service (for a $25 cheese pizza, you think they could move a little faster). If this food doesn't hurry up, I will soon have the distinction of puking in 3 cities (LA, Phoenix, and Philly!). The Goonie is a world traveler and equal opportunity puker.

My work stuff doesn't really begin until Tuesday, so I'm going to work from the hotel tomorrow and try and go out and see some of the sights. I've been to Philly about 10 times in the last 3 years, but I'm always confined to a conference room for work, and have never seen some of this gorgeous city!

The weekend was good - I had a work event that was at a spa/hotel in the mountains of Phoenix. Everyone had a spa credit, so I thought to myself "self, you should get a facial". Boy, bad choice! The facialist basically made me feel like a cross between a hobbit and a freak. I already felt bad about my skin, but crap after 60 minutes of "relaxation", I went back to my hotel room, sat in my bathtub reading US Weekly and crying for about 25 minutes. A truly proud pregnancy moment for me!

This weekend I also came up with an idea that will solve the world's financial issues AND keep a favorite TV show of mine fresh. Get this: in 2009, Jack Bauer is going to solve the financial crisis! Screw the Bush bailout plan that will take months to see if there is a positive effect (BTW, how are the tax rebates working George???), Jack will handle it in 24 hours, Chloe will help, and hopefully no one gets shot in the neck!

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