Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cribs & other exciting news

I forgot to post last night, but we have ordered our crib! I found it online and fell in love with it. It converts to a toddler bed and a twin bed. It was 24% off, there was an additional $10 off coupon for new customers AND shipping was only $2.96. I got "such a deal"! It's being delievered tomorrow to Grandma & Grandpa C's house in B-town.
The place where we're going to register had the crib, but not in the color I wanted, so I just went ahead and ordered it. It has good safety ratings, and the brand was rated by Baby Bargains as "a deal for quality furniture". It's from but you can also get it Babies R' Us and other over-priced baby conglomerates.
In other exciting news, we will get a look-see at the Goonie's "goods" on November 12th at 9 am! In 1 month and 2 days, we'll be able to know for sure if it is a Goonie or a Lady Goonie.


Lou said...

Love the crib.
And yay for your big u/s appointment, I can't wait!

Shannon said...

I love the crib and I love! Im excited for your big u/s appt!

Carly said...

that is a beautiful crib! goonie will love it- and i love bargains... and can i back comment on your hotness and belly pics- WHERE the heck is a softball sized goonie? You look fantastic!!!- when you pop it is going to be crazy to see the difference... hopefully you are feeling better now