Monday, January 25, 2010

This stuff only happens on my watch

Yesterday was Troy's sleep-in day, so the following takes place between 6:45 am and 6:49 am, Sunday morning. I was alone. I've been watching a lot of 24 lately...

6:45 am: Jack wakes up
6:45:30 am: I walk in to Jack's room and see that he is covered in pee. Likely culprit - improper nighttime diaper selection. I'm not one to place blame, so I'll be silent about the perpetrator. It wasn't me.
6:46 am: I take Jack in to the bathroom to get a bath ready
6:47 am: bath water is ready. I strip Jack's piss threads off of him and take the diaper off. I notice a skid mark, but think nothing of it. I begin to lower him in to the tub without paying attention
6:47:30 am: I hear a PLOP and feel water hit my face. At this time I realize that Jack had a very solid turd stuck to his butt that is now floating around the tub. I put J on the floor and fished it out with one of the cups he uses as a tub toy.
6:48 am: I put him in the tub anyway. In the poop water.
6:49 am: Mother of Year nominations are announced. I like my chances.


AmyMasten said...

I fully believe Jack Bauer would have handled the situation the exact same way...except he would dive for cover when he heard the splash thinking it was a bomb.

Connie said...

OMG. This was hilarious, Sarah! I bet Troy got a good laugh when you told him the story! Hopefully, Jack can repeat the action for his Poppa, when it's YOUR turn to sleep in! ;o)

Erica said...

hey, at least he pooped!