Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blood draw update

Despite having to go to two clinics to find a tech willing to draw the blood of a 9 month old, Jack handled the blood draw like a champ. He cried because we had to hold him down, but the needle part was simple for him. We should have the results back by next Tuesday.

Except for a few instances where it is obvious his back molars are bothering him, overall he seems to be a much happier boy than he was a week ago. Jack continues to sleep really well and he's back to pooping normally (he even clogged our toilet last night. That's my boy!). Even if the blood test shows that he doesn't have Celiac, I might stay off wheat for a few more weeks and then add it back to see if he reverts back to his previous ways.


flojat said...

I really hope you get good results, but I'm super glad he's feeling better in the meantime!

Shannon said...

Praying for good results! And I love that Jack clogged up the toilet, love.