Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bragging on T-Roy

The time has come to give my man some props for being kick ass.

T-Roy is an AMAZING father. He loves to play with Jack and has created one of Jack's favorite games - "Squish" which involves 2 pillows from our bed and a squealing 9 month old. He is very hands on and gladly assumes all parenting responsibilities that some dads think are "mom only tasks"...well, except the breastfeeding part. Try as he might, he just wasn't cut out for nursing a child.

After working a full day - oftentimes in the rain or cold - Troy picks up Jack from Connie & Jim's house. In addition to that, at least once a week he'll take Jack over to Great Grandma C's house so that she can play with Jack. What a man!

Jack Attack and I are so bless to have him in our lives!


Erica said...

he's okay....

flojat said...

Slacker. I bet he could breastfeed if he really wanted to. ;-)