Monday, January 11, 2010

Jack would like to borrow some prayers please

Tomorrow afternoon he's going to be held down by yours truly so that some mean phlebotomist can draw some blood from his cutie pie little arm.

We had a 9 month check up on Saturday, and Jack's weight gain has dropped significantly in the last 2 months. He is still gaining weight, but went from the 75th to 40th percentile. The doc thinks he might have Celiac which is an inability to process glutens. When people with Celiac disease eat foods that contain gluten, an inflammatory reaction occurs that can damage the small intestine and inhibit the absorption of nutrients (per WebMD).

The blood test will show if he can tolerate glutens, and I'm hoping that it comes back clear. That being said, I've cut a lot of wheat out of my diet since Saturday, and Jack has had the best two nights of sleep since he was 2 months old.

If the test shows that it isn't Celiac, then the decline in weight gain could just be a result of his extreme wiggliness.

I appreciate any prayers or good thoughts you can spare for Jack's guts!


Tammy Spence said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers to all of you.

Eris1995 said...

Jack will be in my prayers. Mason dropped down in weight from 50th percentile to about 10th. We didn't have any test like that - it was just from him being so active. I hope that's the reason for Jack's decrease.

flojat said...

I really hope you get some good answers from the doc. Answers that are more about wiggliness than a life time of dietary changes for your little man.