Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's a major award!

My knocked up (probably with twins) pal Flojat honored me with this award:Ok here are the requirements of the award:

List 10 things that make you happy.Pass it on to 10 bloggers that make your day a better one!

1) This sweet little awesome kiddo I know named Jack. He's my heart
2) The man who made it possible for me to spawn, T-Roy Pickens. He's the best father and husband a girl could ask for
3) My family and their health (ok, family members you can giggle now)
4) That there were donut holes at work this morning!
5) That I may not have everything I want in life - like a house - but I have everything I need to be safe and healthy
6) That Jack gets to spend 4 days a week with my aunt and uncle who love on him like crazy. And the lucky little stinker gets 1 day a week with Grandma C. Grandma C lets him crawl around naked and pee on things. So for Jack, pretty much the best day ever
7) That my sis is pregnant with a healthy baby boy. Between my best friend Megan having a boy and my sis, Jack is going to have so many playmates nearby
8) DVR. Yes, it's superficial. Yes, I watch too much TV. Yes, I love it so much
9) That my sister-in-law and her husband have moved back to WA
10) The amazing women I have in my life to support me, laugh with me, and cheer me on. In person, or via the interwebs, I'm blessed to call you my friends.

Here are my 10 bloggers:
My sis:
Jack's future mother-in-law:
Jack's pumpkin patch pal:
Tammy Jo:
Jack's cousin Ashy:
My girl Blue:
Mary Mary quite contrary:
An amazing and inspiring momma of twins:
The kid who introduced Jack to the joy of swings:

Ang and Steph, I wanted to nominate you, but you cough neverupdateyourstupidblogs cough.

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flojat said...

I think I love Grandma C. Yup, I'm sure I do!