Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy 5 year anniversary babe!

After 5 amazing years together, I thought that best way to show you how much I love you is to bring out the gift I gave you for our one year anniversary. Even though some circumstances from the list have changed, my love for you hasn't.

Thank you for your love and friendship, and for giving me our son; you two are the joys in my life. Can't wait for our next 5, 10, 50 years together sweetie.

50 Reasons Why I Love You

1) Because you’re my dream guy
2) Because you always put others first
3) Because you never hesitate to help someone out even if that means they need to use your truck for the 50th time that month
4) Because there is no one on earth that makes a better sandwich than you
5) Because you think that rubbing my feet is “fun”
6) Because not only do you not make fun of my paranoia, but you actually encourage it (flare gun by the bed)
7) Because at our wedding you RAN to the alter to the Superman theme song
8) Because you understand that my Law and Order addiction is an actual disease recognized by the American Medical Association
9) Because I’ve loved you since I was 17…an infatuation over 3+ years isn’t a crush, it’s destiny
10) Because you know when I need my space, but are always willing to give me a snuggle when I need that too
11) Because you love God as much as I do
12) Because you’re nice to all my friends and even my anti-social ex roommate (this was Megan’s contribution)
13) Because every time I see you I think of what a lucky lady I am
14) Because other women are jealous of me because you’re so hot!
15) Because you have a wonderful and loving family
16) Because you make great stuffed animal porn
17) Because when we’re watching a movie that has a scene in it that someone gets stabbed, gets their head cut off, or gets pierced by a stick you never fail to say “I guess he got the POINT”, or “I guess he let it go to his head”
18) Because even though you won’t kill spiders for me, you’ll remove them from my presence
19) Because you make a mean meatloaf
20) Because people have given you nicknames like “wonder boyfriend”, “wonder fiancĂ©”, and “wonder husband”
21) Because you built me a special chapstick holder for my bedside table
22) Because you carry chapstick in your pocket for me because I WILL lose mine
23) Because you think my fart jokes are funny
24) Because you let me make fart noises on your arm
25) Because you think my anal-retentive budgeting is “cute”
26) Because right now you’re a great key grip, but soon you’ll be an amazing movie director
27) Because you sing a silly song to food that you love before you eat it “my name is “punkin” bread, and I am tasty”
28) Because when you call me an ice queen it’s not because I’m mean, but because I won’t let you turn up the thermostat because I want to save money
29) Because every girl should be so lucky as to marry a bona fide trained Ninja
30) Because you can do the robot better than anyone I’ve ever seen
31) Because you always put the toilet seat down
32) Because you always hold my hand in public, when we’re driving, when we’re at the movies, or even when we’re sitting on the couch
33) Because you do an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression that’s the best I’ve ever seen
34) Because you draw me pictures on the bathroom mirror to brighten my day
35) Because “you have the most beautiful blue eyes”
36) Because you think that it’s ok for me to just have a Costco hot dog for dinner
37) Because if I accidentally forget to say “I Love You” on the phone, you’ll call me back
38) Because you think chicks with short hair are hotter than those with long hair
39) Because you think my glasses make me look “hot” instead of “nerdy”
40) Because when I say “I love you, you know” you KNOW that the next line is “I know”
41) Because you will spend five hours mowing my grandpa’s lawn
42) Because you never give me grief about ordering water at a restaurant even though you know I’m just going to drink your soda
43) Because your idea of a Christmas card is drawing me a picture of two reindeer(s) humping
44) Because we can have a great time anywhere
45) Because when we go out to dinner and I say “let’s go some place nice” you know I mean Burger King instead of Taco Bell
46) Because we bought each other the same card for our 1 year anniversary
47) Because you always spend the time to pick out the best/silliest cards for me
48) Because you always give my mom hugs
49) Because when I start to take myself too seriously, you always let me know in a funny way that doesn’t hurt my feelings
50) Because you choo-choo-choosed me

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Dad said...

Hey kid, happy fifth. You and Amy make us so proud. Both of you have first round draft picks for hubbies and their families are great also. Glad I kept my mouth shut when you two showed up with less than perfect boys during you dating time.