Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New ticker

I have finally uploaded a new ticker for Jack! This counts his age rather than just saying I'm overdue and going to give birth at any moment. The cows are a bit tongue in cheek because I feel like a cow with all the breast feeding, pumping, etc.

At the pediatrician's office yesterday, the doctor told me that I have what they refer to in their office as "bionic" breast milk. Why you might ask? Because Jack gained 9 oz in FIVE days. She kindly reminded me that it's impossible to overfeed a breastfed baby, but I think I might be proving that theory wrong.

I did mention that I was worried that Jack would be the fat 4 year old on Maury just wearing a diaper, running around on stage, and screaming for more fried chicken, ice cream, and pizza. And I would be sitting on stage with my perm and Nascar letterman's jacket saying "he's just hungry all the time. I don't know what to do"! I would also be drinking a Big Gulp of course.

In other boob news, my milking machine is pretty effective. I'm able to get about 3-4 oz of milk in less than 5 minutes. MOO! We currently have about 60 oz in the freezer and would have more but we've been giving Jack 1 pumped bottle of 2.5 oz once a day to give my poor boobs a break.

Mooo moo mooooo. That's cow for "thanks for reading about my boobies".


Jen said...

Sarah congrats!! It's jen park :) Your lil man is precious! I had to comment on this post cuz I love it. You seriously do have bionic breastmilk! And 3-4 oz. in 5 minutes? DAYAM! ;) Glad to hear you're doing well though hon!

Mary said...


Way to go Jack!!!

Ro said...

Power Pumper!

Jack is one hungry little guy!

flojat said...

This is my surprised face. Of COURSE you're the bionic woman! ; )