Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jack and Troy's horrible no good rotten day

Yesterday around 6 am, Troy woke up and declared that he couldn't move his neck. Ordinarily this would be manageable, but yesterday was also the day that Jack was scheduled to be circumcised. Oy.
Troy's mom came over after work and took Troy to the chiropractor and doctor. I ran poor little Jack to the doctor for his procedure, and then came back to take care of Troy. Troy's mom stayed in to the early evening to hold Jack and just give me a break. She is a rockstar!

Last night was the worst night I've had being a mommy. Jack would NOT STOP CRYING because he was so uncomfortable. I started rocking and feeding him around 7 pm and finally got him to sleep around 1 am. At one point we were both sitting in the rocking chair in his room just sobbing. He was crying so hard and for so long that his little throat was hoarse and he was just whimpering. I hope to never have that day again, and I'm certain that poor Jack feels the same way.
On a happier note, here are a few cutie pie photos of my little man (taken on a happier day):
Talk to the hand:
Milk face:


Erica said...

DUDE....SOOOO been there, done that!!!! Well, not the circumsition part, but the crying and rocking part!!!! I think you are the rockstar!

Shannon said...

The "talk to the hand" picture is priceless!

flojat said...

Look at that handsome little guy!