Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where'd that baby go?

Belly photo time! This photo is a demonstration of a game I like to play called "where dat belly go"? Straight on, it's kind of hard to tell I'm knocked up (also hard to tell without the flash on). The green sweater is a maternity sweater, but just looks like a normal sweater but baggy. Side note rant: why in the hell does a tall girl have to get pregnant to find shirts that are long enough? Screw you clothing industry!

This photo shows the actual belly. The black thing under my sweater is called a "Bella Band". It's this magical piece of fabric that is supposed to be for people in their 1st trimester that allows them to wear their jeans unbuttoned without falling down. I borrowed one from my great friend Robin, and am currently using it to keep my maternity pants from giving me "saggy ass". They also allow me to wear my normal jeans without a belt. Sorry for the flash in my face.

So um yeah, judging by the photo above, I'm not going to attain "fatty" status any time soon. I would like to reassure all you kind readers that I'm doing my best to pack on the pounds. Every morning I have 2-3 breakfasts and then snack until lunch. Yesterday I had oatmeal at 7:30, and then around 9 am I made scrambled eggs with cream cheese, dill, lemon pepper, FOUR sausage links, and cheddar cheese. I then finished the giant bowl of Chex Mix and tried to lick it clean. So I'm eatin'.

Here is a random photo that Troy took last weekend. It's the view from our living room, and if you look closely you can see 2 rainbows. In the middle far right you'll see the clock tower that chimes from 8 am to about 10 pm. We have double insulated windows and can rarely hear it, but when we do, it's a sweet reminder about living a small town (as opposed to the car accidents that we heard about 3 times a month in Los Angeles).

And here's a funny photo taken Sunday night. I sold my old car and the girl who bought it paid me in $100's! We threw it around the living room, posed with it, and then carefully counted it 40 times and took it to the bank. It was fun to pretend we were loaded for a few minutes.


Connie said...

Love the post. Some people believe that what you focus on, is what you will, playing with the hundred dollar bills could be a way of attracting more??!!
Nice pic of the view with double rainbow!
Glad you found a solution to saggy butt pg pants! Very clever.

♥RedRose101307♥ said...

lol i love it!

flojat said...

Next time you should try for twins. Looks like you've got plenty of room to spare! LOL