Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Very random and long overdue!

Ok, STEPHANIE here is your belly shot...sorry it took so long! Sorry it looks so yellow in our bathroom, but I promise it doesn't look like we all have jaundice in real life; it must just be the camera!

Alright, update time!!!

BABY: met my new doc today and I liked her. My mom and Troy's mom went to the appointment with me. I thought since they missed out on so much of the pregnancy because I was in LA, that they might enjoy it. I didn't get an ultrasound, but we used the doppler so mom and Ann got to hear Jack's heartbeat. One of them teared up but I won't embarrass her by calling her out...but her name rhymes with ANN! Hee hee.

I also have gained 3 lbs since my early December appointment in Los Angeles, so I am now 5 lbs above my starting weight! Diet time (I kid, I kid)!!!

The doc said that clothed I only really look pregnant laying down and even then not really. But I seem healthy and Jack is hacking away at me from the inside (seriously I think there is a ninja training camp in my uterus), so all is good. She also gave me the green light to travel at the end of this month to the east coast, then to LA, and then back to Seattle so I'm very excited to get out of the house and visit with my amazing co-workers!

Apartment: we're finally moved in and am enjoying our new space. There is a magical box in our kitchen and if you put your dishes in there, at night elves come out and scrub them clean. It's truly a miracle! We've been without a dishwasher for 4 years, so it's a fantastic change. Troy and his dad and maybe a few friends will be building a storage shed in our carports this weekend so the garage crap that is stacked to the ceiling in Jack's room will hopefully have a home SOON.

Job: working from home is going well, but after about 4 hours 1 day in, and I was already really missing being in my office. I think a lot of it is because we've been stuck inside because of the weather pretty much since we got to WA so I'm a wee bit stir crazy. I had to return some wiper blades at Fred Meyer yesterday and it felt like a major field trip!

Weather: the weather has given us a true "welcome home Sarah and Troy" in the same way a dog will stick his wet nose in your crotch. We got here on the 20th, and there was a blizzard. We were stuck at the in-laws for almost 2 weeks because the city closed the road to our new place. We finally get in to our new place and now there is flooding all over Western Washington! Thankfully our county has avoided any major flooding so far, but please keep others in your prayers. Since we own property with a creek on it, I'll probably do a drive by tomorrow to make sure it hasn't flooded.

Misc: I got a "mom mobile"! I've been wanting a station wagon for YEARS (I know, I really aim high with my car choices) and finally got one. I originally wanted a Volvo but the gas mileage wasn't fantastic. I then wanted a VW JettaSportswagen because it was a good size and got amazing gas mileage but I couldn't justify the cost. After the blizzard I realized that we really needed AWD, so I found a used Subaru Outback on Craigslist and bought it! It's in good shape and although it's 1 year older than my car, it has about 20K less miles on it. I'm working on selling my car right now, but am thankful we were able to swing it so that I went from no car payment to no car payment. Hurray for cash!


Mary said...

Look how cute you look! Hooray for gaining weight!

Can't wait to see you at the end of the month!

Shannon said...

I absolutely love your belly pic, you look great! Congrats on the new car, I love those.

Lindsey said...

FINALLY! I've been dying for a belly picture and it is adorable. Although I cannot believe how tiny you are, seriously.
Glad things are going well, I think about you when I hear about all the stories of Washington flooding and such, relieved to hear you are a-ok.

elisa said...

we miss you too!!