Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The curious case of the gummy bear

So, yesterday I leave the comfort of my warm bed at 5:30 am to get to the airport for the start of my 2 week work trip.

I get thru security and my suitcase is broken! The rolling arm thing won't re-engage. I get to my gate, take everything out and open the liner that allows me to access the hardware. I realize there is a ball bearing stuck just a tiny bit and won't go in the whole the entire way without pressure.

Digging thru my suitcase and purse I find a box of gummy bears, a paperclip, and a thing of floss. 5 min later, the gummy bear head is plugging up the hole to prevent the ball bearing from going down that far, the paperclip has secured the gummybear should there be a gummy emergency, and the floss is holding the gummybear paperclip in the place.

This has the potential to be a long trip...

And here is a photo of my gut this morning taken in my hotel room bathroom with a cell phone camera - high tech people! BTW, since I'm on the East Coast and dressing up, I had to buy maternity tights. If you were able to see under my dress, you would see that maternity tights go all the way up under my boobs. S-E-X-Y!

I also had a doctor's appointment on Monday and she said everything is looking good. My uterus was measuring a bit small last time, but it's right on target this week. Jealous? I would be if I were you!

I was also able to speak a little longer with my doctor and ask her some questions about her birthing philosophy. Turns out we're very much aligned, so I'm now really excited! She is on board with our natural birth plans, and even told me about some techniques and things they have (laboring tubs, external/non-invasive monitoring, etc) that I wasn't aware this hospital had/offered.

Our plan right now is to do as natural of a birth as possible for as long as possible and see where that takes us. "We're" trying to labor with as few interventions as they'll allow, so having my doctor on board is HUGE! We'll see how it goes.


Mary said...

Is that an actual baby belly I see? Where'd that come from? :)

Shannon said...

now THATS a baby belly, i love it!

Ro said...

You're McGyver!