Saturday, January 10, 2009

Two thumbs up and a challenge

Two thumbs up for "Gran Torino" staring Clint Eastwood. We went last night with my parents and Troy's parents and all 6 of us REALLY enjoyed it!

Clint's character is overtly racist for 99% of the movie, but it works really well with the plot and isn't gratuitous (i.e., it's a part of his character and not for shock value). It was very funny, extremely touching, and sad at points.

I highly encourage everyone to go see it!

And to eat dark chocolate covered peppermint "Joes" from Trader Joes. Hot damn those are delish.

Any my challenge to crafty people out there: please make a pair of maternity pants that don't result in saggy ass. M'kay, thanks!


elisa said...

I read this to Keiko and she gathered her sewing materials. how cool would it be to have maternity pants made from oneies!

Anne Bailey said...

Perhaps if you just ate a few more of those "Joes" your ass would fill out the pants? Seems easier than sewing... but maybe that's just me.

Lindsey said...

I'm so with you on the saggy butt thing in maternity pants. Seriously, the baby is in the front, not the back.

Ro said...

I agree that you should eat more peppermint Joes instead of sewing!

Connie said...

Just re read this post...apparently I bought the wrong Jo Jo' said dark chocolate covered? I got the ones that look like oreos. darn.
They're still good, but, now I need to try the other ones!