Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A random clusterfuck of a post

Today is moving day! The truck has been delivered and the movers come around 2 pm to pack us up. Here is a small list of things that I won't miss about Los Angeles:
  • the fact that our 1940's apartment was built without insulation or double paned windows. I love the charm of our apartment, but not that it was 46 degrees INSIDE this morning when we woke up. Also, it rained yesterday and shorted out our breaker box leaving us without overhead lighting and only 2 working outlets in pretty much the whole apartment. The electrician couldn't come until this morning, so we've had my grandmother's very lovely table lamp in our bathroom so that we can pee and shower with some sort of light.
  • the fact that despite living in a REALLY good neighborhood, we woke up this morning to realize that someone had stolen our freaking rope that Troy used to rope off a spot on the street for the moving truck to park. Yes, seriously, they stole a 15 ft piece of rope.
  • the fact that our methhead neighbor's gardener stuck his head in our open front door this morning while I was alone in the apartment, looked right at me and said "I here for lady". Turns out he was looking for Lady McMeth next door, and she told him she was in our backyard. Ok, why don't you go buy some more Sudafed and car battery you crazy hosebeast.
  • the fact that the cable guy just came and picked up my Tivo and we're not leaving until tomorrow morning. I'm near hyperventilation stage. I guess I didn't realize how much I love me some TV.
  • the fact that one day when Troy and I were on the beach I offered a homeless guy a sandwich and he asked me: 1) what kind it was (internal thoughts: it's the fucking free kind buddy) 2) if it was dolphin safe after he found out it was tuna, 3) if it was made with vegan mayo, and 4) if I would give him my chips and soda.
  • the fact that another homeless man was jacking off in a sleeping bag outside my car one morning when Troy and I went to our favorite breakfast place
  • the fact that garbage day starts at 6 am and lasts until 10 am, and I'm fairly certain the sanitation department refuses to oil the trucks just to fuck with us. It's like the gates of hell are opening on garbage day - it's that freaking loud
  • the fact that when you call a store and ask to be transferred to another department the person informs you that "I don't speak English" or "I don't know how to use the phone" and just hangs up. (Culver City Target and Costco).
  • there are more reasons, but I thought you guys would enjoy these.

I won't miss Los Angeles, but I will miss the amazing friends I have made here. I'll be back in a few weeks for work, but not seeing these people everyday really hurts.


Connie said...

Ah yes, it's time for you to leave that god forsaken city! Come on back to the North Pole, Sarah! At least I doubt you will be seeing lewd homeless people in Port Orchard...it's too fricken cold!

Anne Bailey said...

Not seeing YOU every day already totally blows! When I walked by your office yesterday I said "UGH" really loud and made the IS people look up.