Thursday, December 11, 2008

For Stephanie

So a great friend at work asked me today when I'm going to update my blog...Steph this is for you! =D

I had a shower at work yesterday, and it was fantastic! My company truly knows that to celebrate new babies, you need 3 things: great friends, a fun atmosphere, and bacon!!! It was a breakfast shower and everything was perfect. My co-workers were beyond generous and we received a giftcard to Babies R Us. I'm going to hang on to it for now and use it for after I have another shower (if I have another shower). That way I can figure out and get what we REALLY need, since people only like to buy the cute stuff.

I had an appointment on Monday and I have gained 5 lbs since my last visit 4 weeks ago. I just weighed myself on the scale at work, and I'm 150 lbs which means I have OFFICIALLY surpassed my starting weight! Looks like it's time to start dieting or smoking...I don't want to give birth to a fatty (I'm KIDDING MOM).

I'll do my best to post a belly photo tonight, but in the blur of packing our apartment, our camera cord seems to have been packed somewhere already. I'll go ghetto belly shot style and do it with my camera phone, but the quality could potentially suck.

14 days until Christmas everyone, hope you're all well and planning on spending time with your families.


AmyM said...

Subtle, of course I'm throwing you a shower biatch! Just figured you and the kid would want to wait until you got back to WA first…8 days and counting! Now I'm going to have to roast a pig or something to top the bacon shower! :-)

Sarah said...

Shut up ho, I wasn't hinting, I just didn't know. Go tell Brian to snuggle you up in a Moby to keep my sis toasty.