Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch - 2010 (Warning: photo HEAVY)

We had a wonderful time at the pumpkin patch this year!  We returned with our friends Lulu and Brian and their adorable daughter Bria.  The weather was horrible headed down and on the return, but other than 10 minutes of rain while at the farm, we had ok weather. 

Which is good considering there were storms and flooding all over the PNW this weekend.  This is a shot of "the Nothing" that I was driving in to yesterday:

Last year, Bria was terrified of all things pumpkins.  This year?  Not so much.  She did great, and I think part of it might have had to do with her newest little boyfriend:

My dear, may I escort you over to the goat pen?

It's plain to see who was pursing who in this photo sequence!

Can you blame him for two-timing his girlfriend Lyla??  Look at this sweet little face!

He kept trying to pick up pumpkins whenever she was looking.  I had to tell him girls aren't impressed with the "poop face"


Here you go young lady, let me load that pumpkin up for you

Where to?

I hear chicks dig tricks.  Watch THIS!

Yes Poppa, Momma is watching too.  She's impressed with both of us.

It worked!

And kept working all over the farm!

My poor pale babycakes.  Every photo of him with Troy, Jack looks washed out because the camera can't comprehend that light shade of skin tone.

Thankfully with me in the photo, he gets a chance to look tan

This cracked me up.  It means every one of these things actually occurred and made them put up a sign.  If you can't read it, it says: Pony Riding Rules:
No Yelling
No Screaming
No High Fives (don't high-5 the pony?)
No hitting the pony
No Balloons

Even with all the cute girls around, in the end, you go home with the lady who brung you


Connie said...

Adorable post, Sarah! Great photos too!
Not even 2 years old and Jack is already into girls?! Oh my!

♥RedRose101307♥ said...

too cute for words!

Anne Bailey said...

SERIOUSLY cute! And wow, impressed with the girl who won all those kisses. You've got to discover her secret!

Connie said...

Just showed Jackie this post...he kissed the computer screen when I showed him the close up of Bria, and then smiled widely!! ;o)