Monday, October 4, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you to those of you who donated to Team Baby Bear for the Lupus Walk this past weekend.  Many of the donations were annoymous, so I'm unable to write you a formal thank you.  I appreciate the generosity and donations; every little bit helps in the end!

The weather was nice, and Jack and I had 2 great friends and their son join us for the 5k.  The whole thing was incredibly disorganized, but we enjoyed our time for chatting.

At one point we got left behind by the crowd due to a potty stop.  We couldn't figure out where everyone went (did I mention how disorganized it was?), so we decided that Lupus wasn't going to be cured by us wandering the downtown streets of Olympia.  Instead, we headed off to a restaurant for chicken fried steak and eggs.  One cannot cure Lupus on an empty stomach!  Just a note that we were like 99.9% done with the walk.  So, you didn't donate for me to eat CFS.

Jack decided to voice his thoughts on Lupus:

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E said...

I should be the one thanking you, my selfless pal.