Monday, November 1, 2010

Cute Jack stories and a reminder TO VOTE!

Regardless of your position, make sure your voice is heard by voting tomorrow! 

And now, for a few cute Jack stories:
On Saturday I took Jack shopping at Fred Meyer (PNW grocery store).  He knows when I say "let's go grocery shopping" it means he gets a free cookie from the bakery.  The whole way over he was practicing getting his cookie.  From the backseat, I heard the following on repeat for about 3 miles:

"Tank YOU" (cause he knows he has to say that when someone gives him something)

Once we got to the store, we were attempting to get down an aisle that was blocked by 3 people chatting.  I said "excuse me", but they didn't budge.  Jack yelled "HEY, BEEP, BEEP" and they quickly scooted out of the way.

As I passed by, I realized they weren't native English speakers which is why my polite "excuse me" didn't register.  Apparently, "BEEP BEEP" transcends nations, languages, and dialects.  My little Goodwill ambassador!

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