Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday challenge: make due with just a tiny bit less

After hearing a story this morning about one of my advisees, I realized that as privileged Americans, we don't truly understand what it's like to get by on nothing. I'm not talking about having to cut your Starbucks runs; I'm talking having to haul wood and water to heat your home. No matter how poor you are by American standards, most of us truly don't understand what going without means.

So this week, the challenge is to make due with just a tiny bit less. Next time you pull off some toilet paper, put 1 square back. Just try it out...could you do your business without that 1 little square? Yes? No?

It's not about depriving yourself of basic needs, it's just pinpointing what basic needs truly are. Do you need to wipe your tushie? Yes, please! Do you need 15,000 squares to do so? My guess is probably not.

Maybe next time you shampoo, you don't lather rinse and repeat. How does your hair look at the end of the day? I've got $1 that says it looks exactly the same.

And heck, if you find out you do need that extra square, and your hair really does require 2 shampooings, simply go back to your routine the next time. I'm just asking you take a chance that you don't actually need it.

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