Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday challenge

Happy first day of June! If someone could please tell western Washington that it's almost summer, I'd appreciate it.

In honor of our rainy and icky weather, my challenge to you is to limit the use of your dryer for 1 week. We have 2 folding racks for indoor drying, and 2 tiny retractable lines for outside deck drying when the weather shapes up! This little guy is fantastic for socks, undis, etc.

We hang our clothes and let them almost airdry. When they're still a bit damp, we throw them in the dryer for 15-20 min to finish up the drying and to get the "crunch" out. If we can do this in the Seattle area, there are no excuses for not trying it yourself.

I've always line dried clothes to an extent, but really ramped it up last month after Troy's company laid off many of their employees. Every bit of savings counts for something. With the outside temp about the same over the last 2 months, my power bill dropped by $30. That is tangible savings.


Mary said...

It's so funny you posted this today. Just yesterday i bought an inside foldable clothes dryer. I really got it for Bill's t-shirts. He claims that they shrink in the dryer. But, without his t-shirts going in the dryer I will probably be doing one less load of clothes in the dryer than I usually do.

And, this week some time I'm going to go get that retractable clothes line we already talked about so I can hand sheets, towels, etc outside.

i can't give up drying my clothes in the dryer though. I love the smell of dryer sheets too much. :)

Scullyhoyy said...

I need to have my line put back up. Thanks for the reminder:) & just in case you didn't know you Rock!