Monday, December 28, 2009

Decorating issues

Without a fireplace mantel, where on earth will I display my "Mother of the Year" award? Mother of the Year award you ask? Yep, I won it for my "excellence in Mothering" yesterday.

Jack and I were out and about running errands yesterday and he insisted that I treat myself to Wendy's on the way home. Who I am to question the logic of an 8 month old? About 1 mile from home he made it clear that he was SLEEPY. Upon getting in to the house, he made it clear that he was also POOPING.

He's been having painful poops for a few days, and when it's happening he insists on being picked up and will freak out if set down. I picked him up and held him in my arms while he was still wearing his jacket and shoes. I decided to breastfeed him thinking that would calm him down enough to then change his diaper. Turns out he was SO sleepy that he fell right asleep, and there begins my actions that brought me the mother of the year award.

I realized if he was sooooo tired he probably needed sleep more than a diaper change. I decided that I would put him in his crib (with likely a poopy diaper, shoes, and a coat) and if he woke up I would change him and put him in to more appropriate napping attire. He ended up sleeping like that for almost 2 hrs because he was just wiped. I even vacuumed around him and checked on him multiple times to make sure he was ok and he didn't move a muscle.

He did have a sweet zipper mark on his face when he woke up though. And I enjoyed my Wendy's in peace.

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Audrey said...

I don't see how this makes you anything BUT the best mom ever. A full mom is a happy mom, and a happy mom equals happy baby. You can't argue with THAT logic either!