Monday, December 28, 2009

Customer service at it's finest

We got a bunch of AMEX giftcards for Christmas and are using the cards to buy a new camera from Amazon. The giftcards don't cover the full cost of the camera, and that is where my issues start.

1) Amazon recognizes AMEX giftcards as a credit card, and they only allow 1 credit card to make a purchase
2) I had to purchase an Amazon giftcard using my debit card for the remainder price of the camera
3) stupid AMEX doesn't tell you that for online purchases you should first register your card, so Amazon has taken $1 from my giftcard during the verification process and won't refund it for 7 days.
4) since they took that $1, I'm now $.49 SHORT of my stupid order, and had to buy another $5 (lowest amount) Amazon giftcard to cover the balance.

I've spent more time on the phone today with Indian, than Indian people.

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Connie said...

Good Grief! Good thing you have a lot of patience. I would've given up and done something else.