Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Any accountants read this blog?

I'm trying to finagle a tax deduction...

I donated 50 oz of frozen breastmilk to the friend of a friend with a tongue-tied baby. I can't use the milk for Jack since it contains dairy, so I was happy to find a home for it.

Currently, breastmilk goes for $4 per oz from a milk bank. So....I'm wondering if I would be playing with fate if I claimed $200 in "charitable donations" on my taxes for 2009? What could possibly be more charitable than liquid from ones breasts?

In a perfect world, it would count.


Connie said...

Good Gosh YES! I would claim it!

Anne Bailey said...

Don't do it! Even though it was the most AWESOME gift (and coincidentally what I want for Christmas), I'm pretty sure you can only claim tax deduction on gifts given to organizations with not for profit status. xo

Carly said...

I absolutely would claim it

Dad said...

Hon, I would not claim it unless you could give it through the person's church or other non profit. It should not be too hard for them to set up.
It is a wonderfull thing to do for someone.

Sarah said...

Thanks all for your thoughts! Talked to a friend who's hubby is an accountant, and he said you can claim it if you donate via an organization, but not if you give it directly to someone.

Anne, your breastmilk is being overnighted to you with a big red bow on it!