Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A whole new baby!

Well, it appears the Prilosec seems to be working pretty well. As of Thursday, Jack seems to be a whole new baby! He still spits up...a TON, but the milk is no longer curdled and I would say his fussiness has been cut at least in half. Hurray!

He's also growing really well, and has gained 3 lbs and 1 oz since he was born. My fatty fat fat baby is very healthy and according to our pediatrician, "well endowed" (insert Troy's thumbs up here). We're also getting lots of smiles which makes all the crying and fussing worth it!

In sleeping news, he's getting better (crap, as I typed this he started crying on the monitor). It's probably a product of him just being a little older, and the medicine helping him out. We've been able to get him to sleep before 10 the last 2 days, and the little chunk has slept 5 hrs in a row both nights! Thank you all for your suggestions in the last post.

My first mother's day was great. We had breakfast with Troy's parents in the morning, and a late lunch with my parents in the afternoon. Troy and Jack got me a very sweet card and a lovely fuchsia hanging basket. And Monday evening they made me breakfast for dinner.

In butt news, cloth diapering is still going really well. Jack's favorite game is to poo in a brand new diaper right as we're putting it on him, but he's so darn cute it is hard to be mad at him.

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Mary said...

I'm SO glad everything is working out!