Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little dude is a sleeping machine!

So, yesterday I decided my goal was to force Jack to nap. Sir J takes after me and usually avoids naps like the plague unless someone is holding and snuggling him.

He took a one hour nap in the morning, and a TWO hour nap in the afternoon! It was so great for him to nap because it allowed me to get stuff done around the house and have some personal time.

I don't know if it was the naps, or if he was just tired, but little man went peacefully to sleep at 8 pm last night and slept 5.5 hrs in one stretch (3rd night in a row!). It was lovely.

Wish me luck with forcing another set of naps today!

1 comment: said...

We've TOTALLY noticed that Kaidin sleeps better when he's had good naps in the day. Force those naps! It helps both mom and baby so much! Sleep begets sleep is what they say... nice work!