Thursday, May 7, 2009

Throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks

This is going to be one of those kinds of posts...random! Shall we begin?
First, congrats to 3 of my friends for their new pregnancies! Elisa (nope, not my CA friend), Shannon, and Hanna! I'm so happy for all of you and can't wait to meet your little munchkins. You're going to be fantastic moms and I'm so proud of all of you.
Second, if anyone has seen my ass, please tell it to return to it's previous location. Breastfeeding has helped me lose all the baby weight, but it also stole my ass. Thanks Jack.
Third, if anyone has any tips for getting a squirrely 5 week old baby to sleep, please let me know. It takes us 2-5 hours every night to finally get this kiddo to sleep. We've tried the whole routine (bath, boob, rocking, etc), we've tried the noise machine, we've tried the massage, we've tried to sleepy but awake, etc, etc. I'm thinking his natural bedtime isn't until about 10:30 pm because that is usually when he finally passes out most nights. He doesn't seem to have his days and nights confused, because when we finally get him down for the night he sleeps for a really good chunk of time (6.5 hrs in a row on Monday night!). If you have any tips, please leave them in the comments section.
Fourth, photos! Johnny Depp has said that kids remind him of little drunks. Here is a photo of my little drunk in his bassinet, complete with small pile of spit up next to him.

A hilarious forward someone sent me:

A photo of Jack passed the F out in his Moby wrap. I think he hates it...what do you think?:

And finally, Jack's version of "tummy time". I think he's doing it wrong. And yes, I'm wearing a shirt. Why does it look like he has a unibrow in this photo?


Erica said...

For once in my life I have no suggestions!!! Rocking with a binky always worked for Ash....although with her heart condition, she was probably to tired to fight sleeping!! Thank the Lord she is better now! Don't give in to the 10:30 bed time....just keep trying to put him down around 7-8. YOU WILL WIN THIS BATTLE!!!!

Melissa said...

I seriously luv the pictures!! Luv you too!

Elisa said...

thanks for the shoutout! :) MUAH

and those pictures are priceless - i heart the one where you said it looks like Jack has a unibrow! hilarious!!

Eris1995 said...

The only advice I have is to wait it out. Mason wasn't able to get into a routine and have an early bedtime until he was close to 2 months. The first 6-8 weeks are the hardest - but they're almost over!

flojat said...

Love, love, love the Moby wrap pic! What a handsome little dude!

rls07 said...

OMG, he is too stinking cute! You will win the battle of the bedtime as well. Don't give up.

Anne Bailey said...

Don't worry about it now. He's too young for a bed time routine that will really work. Try again at 10-12 weeks! But he's a SUPER cute little drunk!

Jenna said...

Love the pictures - what a cutie! As for the sleep - Kendall's bedtime when she was younger (haha) was about midnight! It didn't bother me because then should would sleep until 5-6 am. If she went to sleep earlier she was up earlier. Now she goes to bed as early as 8:30 and sleeps until about 8 am. I say just go with whatever time he wants to go down, it will eventually get earlier and earlier.