Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's your party and you'll cry/get a fever if you want to...

Holy hell, the little man turned 1 and had a big boy party! How did my teeny little baby boy become a toddler?

He started getting ready for his party the night before by coming down with a 102.5 temperature. Motrin and Tylenol made it manageable until after his party when it shot up to 103.7. Troy took him to the doc on Monday, and lo and behold, a double ear infection. Poor birthday boy!

Anyhoo, despite the ear infection, Jack's party this weekend was a blast, and I think everyone had a great time. And yes, he is wearing a Chewbacca shirt.

Jack getting a birthday hug from cousin Ashlyn:

Jack getting a birthday KISS from cousin Ashlyn:

My cupcakes.

These things were my pride and joy.

I am by NO means a crafty person, so if I could make these, you can make these! The inspiration came from here kick ass cupcakes. I used a gluten, dairy, and sugar free cupcake recipe (relax, they're tasty) from Baby Cakes NYC's cookbook.

For the "fur", I took a plastic container and put about 15 drops of blue food coloring in the bottom. Put the lid on tightly, and shake. Then add coconut, put the lid back on and shake until you get the desired color. Add more food coloring to the side of the tub and shake again if you want it darker.

Frost cupcakes with blue frosting, and then dip in coconut "fur". Top with a mini Chips Ahoy, and white chocolate melting candies with brown M&M's glued on with white frosting. Not sure what happened with ole one-eye up there.

Jack enjoyed his cupcake after a few initial tentative bites (around 15 seconds he spits it out):

Then it was time to open his $35,671 worth of new noisy toys, clothes, and books:

Jack received so many gifts, but perhaps the coolest was a sock monkey quilt and pillow set from my mother-in-law's best friend. Seriously, how cool is this:

The aftermath:

All in all, it was a great day, and Jack was so blessed to be surrounded by people who love and care about him.


Scullyhoyy said...

Happy Birthday Jack! For being so sick he looked like he had a great time. Love the cup cakes:)

Elisa said...

what great pictures! and Jack made out like a bandit. now he's going to expect a haul like that each and every year. LOL!

Ro said...

Happy Birthday, Jack!

I'm sorry he was sick, but man is he cute!